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Earn Your License to Fly

Experienced jumper enjoying free fall at La Zona Puerto Rico Skydiving center

AFF Training

First Jump Course

First Jump Course - Every Sunday! $55 deposit is needed to reserve your seat in class. $149 P/PBook Now!

AFF Pricing

Jump 1 - 4 $219 ea.
Jump 5 - 8 $189 ea.

Group Skydiving Skills

Jump 9 - 11 $189 ea.
Jump 12-13 $134 ea.
Jump 14 - 21 $189 ea.

AFF and A License Pricing

A License Pay As You Go - First Jump Course; AFF ; Packing Class ; Group Skydiving Skills ; 10.5k solo jumps (3) with gear rental (24 jumps) $4,359
A License Package (Save $560!) - This one-time upfront payment package includes: First Jump Course (4-6 hours); 21 Instructor Jumps, 2 Hop & Pops; 1 FREE 10.5k Jump; Packing Class; Gear Rental & Pack Jobs; USPA Membership & A License $3,799


A License

Once you’ve completed AFF, the A License is at your fingertips. Complete your requirements and gain the opportunity to jump with friends, perform group jumps, and pack your chute. Boom.

B License

Log 50 jumps and complete prescribed flying and landing training to earn your B - and the chance to participate in HALO (high altitude, low opening), helicopter, hot air balloon and night jumps.

C License

C-holders have at least 200 jumps, are proficient in key maneuvers, and can jump with wearable cameras and devices, try wingsuiting and perform demo jumps.

D License

D-Licensed skydivers are straight-up pros who have more than 500 jumps. They can perform exhibition and large demo jumps, and have the green light to work toward tandem-instructor status.
Experienced skydivers making silly faces in front of the La Zona Puerto Rico Skydiving aircraft


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Hello, sky friends! We are currently closed for the season. We’ll be back in the winter!