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Ready, Set, Fly

Tandem coach and skydiver smile at camera before leaping out of the La Zona Puerto Rico Skydiving aircraft

The Day Before

Jump Day


Dress comfortably, ideally in athletic gear, shorts or jeans, and wear closed-toe shoes. No flip flops, sandals or heels. Wear your glasses or contacts as normal - we’ll provide you with sanitized goggles.


Don’t leave home without your valid, government-issued ID to prove you’re over age 18. Pack a cooler with snacks and water; no alcohol. If you need supplies, there’s a Walmart near the dropzone.


Eat and drink as normal. There are food trucks and a Walmart in close proximity if you need to fuel up.


Meet us at the DZ at your reservation time. When you get here, we’ll complete the requisite paperwork and get you suited up! Plan on spending 3-4 hours with us.

Go Again!

If you want to jump again, buy another tandem at a discount before you leave the DZ. If time and weather are on our side, you can go back up the same day!


Humacao is beautiful - after your skydive, stay and play awhile! Punta Santiago beach and Cayo Santiago are on our doorstep, and Humacao Nature Reserve is a short drive away. Our restaurants and accommodations are excellent. Spend the day or the weekend here! If you plan to SCUBA, though, be sure to do it at least 24 hours before your jump to avoid decompression sickness.

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Hello, sky friends! We are currently closed for the season. We’ll be back in the winter!