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Rates & Packages

Tandem Skydiving Pricing

Option Price Booking
Beach Skydive - Take off from Humacao Airport and land at spectacular Punta Santiago. Meet your fan club at the beach or let us take you back to the dropzone just 10 minutes away.
*Please note there is a 11.5% IVU tax added at booking
$360 Book
Airport Landing - Take off from and land at the airport. Weekends are busy - if you don’t have a reservation, call ahead to make sure we can get you on a load.
*Please note there is a 11.5% IVU tax added at booking
$249 Book

Tandem Skydiving Specials

Option Price
Jump Again - Buy your second jump before leaving the dropzone on the day of your first tandem for a deeply discounted rate. No expiration!
*Please note there is a 11.5% IVU tax added at booking
Group Jumps - Groups of 5 to 9 people receive $20 off/skydive; groups of 10 to 19 receive $30 off each. The group leader will receive a free Selfie Cam video.
*Please note there is a 11.5% IVU tax added at booking
$20-$30 discount
Local Heroes - Police officers, firefighters, EMTs, first responders, military personnel, teachers and students receive $40 off with valid photo identification.
*Please note there is a 11.5% IVU tax added at booking
$40 discount

Photo & Video Packages

Option Price
Selfie Cam - Your tandem instructor will wear a wrist cam in order to catch the first-person account of your incredible jump. Remember to look at the camera! $90
Videographer - A professional videographer will film your entire jump - wheels up to feet down - from the very best angles. See yourself leap, fly, float over gorgeous east coast vistas. $135
Deluxe Package - Your jump will be filmed by a videographer and your tandem instructor via selfie cam, and then edited into an epic masterpiece. The final result will blow your mind. $190

First Jump Course

Option Price Booking
First Jump Course - Every Sunday! $55 deposit is needed to reserve your seat in class. $149 P/P Book Now!

AFF Pricing

Option Price
Jump 1 - 4 $219 ea.
Jump 5 - 8 $189 ea.

Group Skydiving Skills

Option Price
Jump 9 - 11 $189 ea.
Jump 12-13 $134 ea.
Jump 14 - 21 $189 ea.

AFF and A License Pricing

Option Price
A License Pay As You Go - First Jump Course; AFF ; Packing Class ; Group Skydiving Skills ; 10.5k solo jumps (3) with gear rental (24 jumps) $4,359
A License Package (Save $560!) - This one-time upfront payment package includes: First Jump Course (4-6 hours); 21 Instructor Jumps, 2 Hop & Pops; 1 FREE 10.5k Jump; Packing Class; Gear Rental & Pack Jobs; USPA Membership & A License $3,799

Experienced Skydivers Pricing

Option Price
Ride Up to 10,500: Add-On To Student Load - Pricing applies to the last 2 slots of a load with a single tandem or AFF student. $29
Ride Up to 10,500: Fun Jumper Only Load - 4 jumpers max. $44
Hop & Pop - Three jumpers minimum; 4 max. Jumpers must be licensed, current and have a valid reserve. $15
50 Jump Package $1,350
100 Jump Package $2,500
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