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Fun jumper wearing red, blue and black jump suit head down during free fall.


Our Cessna 206 - affectionately named Blue Angel - is meticulously maintained and, let’s be honest, babied. Accommodating up to six fun jumpers or three tandems, the 206 is a skydiving favorite because of the large cargo door.

Gear Rental

Coming soon! In the meantime, experienced jumpers must have their own gear. Tandem students will be provided with requisite gear.

Rigging Services

Our team includes a seasoned Senior Rigger. If you have need for maintenance or minor repair, or need supervision or instruction on packing a reserve, connect with us.

Lift Tickets

Ride up to 10,500 for $29 or grab a hop and pop for $15; packages of 50 are $1,350 (discount of $2/jump); 100-packs are $2,500 ($400 off). Experienced jumpers must be licensed, current and have an up-to-date reserve.

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