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Tandem skydiving in Puerto Rico with La Zona Puerto Rico in Humacao

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What to Expect

This is going to blow your mind.

One of the co-owners of La Zona Puerto Rico Skydiving, Francisco, standing outside with a tandem jumper
Female tandem student and instructor preparing to tandem skydive in Puerto Rico at La Zona Puerto Rico in Humacao
Aerial view of tandem skydivers over Puerto Rico's east coast
Tandem skydiver and coach smiling and high-fiving one another after an awesome skydive at La Zona Puerto Rico Skydiving

Catch the Magic

(And the Social Media Gold!)

Female tandem skydiver smiles during freefall looking down at the beautiful ocean views

Selfie Cam - $99

Strapped to your tandem instructor’s wrist, the wide-angle selfie cam will capture your every incredible move and emotion - the nerves, the exhilaration, the freedom, the joy, the pride! The selfie cam package comes with up to 150 still photographs of your skydive in addition to your personal video.

Videographer - $135

A professional videographer will accompany you and your instructor throughout your experience - filming your awesome leap from the plane, phenomenal freefall and canopy flight, beautiful scenery on every side, and your graceful landing! The final product is a 4-5 minute video and 60-90 stills.

Deluxe Package - $190

Get the best of both worlds! A videographer will capture the big picture of your jump and your tandem instructor will record all the up close and personal details via selfie cam. Experience your jump from every angle - you won’t truly appreciate what you’ve accomplished until you see it!

Tips for an Awesome First Jump

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Hello, sky friends! We are currently closed for the season. We’ll be back in the winter!